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MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING BETWEEN INL- International Iberian Nonotechnology Laboratory AND Arte Total

Description of ArtworkProject:

CALL-Connected Artistic Laboratory Links

CALL aims to be a meeting point for artists, researchers, and creators. It aims to foster artistic exchange through research, bringing together participants from diverse disciplinary and geographical backgrounds, impelling new ideas and creative challenges with art, science, and technology.

The program of activities of performative research includes the CALL arts and science - introducing art within the scientific community and the CALL science and arts - researching possibilities of movement starting from the investigations carried out in INL laboratories and the researchers that will perform, together with a group of dancers, a choreographic work on their research work.

In the last decades, the intensification of global displacements has irreversibly accelerated intercultural exchanges, contributing to new social realities. Increasingly, knowledge moves from one place to another, promoting visible and "invisible" exchanges, and interfering with the realities with which they come into contact. The displacements that proliferate at the present time generating transcultural realities, the dance having the potential to expand possibilities of translation and negotiation, since those who dance tend to perceive information differentiated from culture, through the body.

Objectives of the activity:

-To promote the creation and artistic production with the connection to the community, to the cultural institutions of the county and to the school network (Grouping of Schools | Community of emigrants | cultural associations)

-Valuing the inclusion and interconnection of knowledge, diluting the watertight borders between the arts, disciplines, and technologies, with a focus on contemporary artistic practices.

-Promote the active participation of community social fringes in artistic and research activities.

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