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Guelra    |   Cristina Mendanha   |        gntration | 7 to 12 May

The project aims to investigate the writing as part of the creative thinking of dance, in site specific contexts and it was developed around two central axes, namely: analyzing and reflecting on the way how the know of the writing can interfere in the creative processes in dance and on the other hand, experiencing the dificulty of the translation of the act of choreographic creation into another language, allowing to read on the layers of a 'phármakonised' (Derrida, 1972) body the duplicity of meaning, the ambiguity and the possibility of generating a body written in itself, or in other words: "(...) . instead of something distinguished from something else, imagine something which distinguishes itself – and yet ... though it were distinguishing itself from that which does not distinguish itself from it" (Deleuze .1968, p. 81) - medicine and poison.

Cristina Mendanha,1966

Art Director, Arte Total.

Collaborative Researcher at Research Institute in Art, Design and Society (i2ADS).

PhD in Arts Education, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Porto.

Master in Art, University of Surrey Roehampton.

Degree in Fine Arts-Painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Porto.

Teaching Certificate in 1995, Royal Academy of Dance, London.

Professional Training, Companhia Nacional de Bailado.

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