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Country: Portugal


Director: Play Bleu

Choreographer: Maria Ines Villasmil

Performers: Alexandra Fernandes/Gabriela Barros/Carolina Vieira/Leonardo Ramalho/Barbara Oliveira/Catarina Neves/Ines Sousa

Composer: Rui Dias

Music and sound design: Rui Dias

Other principal crerw: Art Director-Cristina Mendanha

Production company: Arte Total

What does mean for us as movers and dancer practitioners to live in a social environment that is constantly changing and is becoming less certain? In other words, what does mean for us as human beings and dance practitioners to be confronted by living in a “liquid society” a term created by sociologist Zygmunt Bauman and main stimulus to this proposal. The concept of “liquid life” developed by Bauman is the inspiration to develop a proposal that will have as a main interest the creation of a space in which a collective of dancers will explore some of the elements implied in the times we are facing and the consequences of living in a modern society. In this order of ideas, I ask myself how is this “liquidity” present in our lives and dance practices. How we manage to constantly shift and reshape our believes and as a consequence our body practices?

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